A Blog Party Done Right – Here Are My Favorites.

May is Mental Health month. Yesterday was Mental health Blog Party Day. I know, I know, where is mine? I think I liked reading more and wouldn’t mind sitting this one out. Here are my favorite blogs from Mental Health Blog Party

Faith, Art and Farming: The Different Child –    “ADHD is a fact.  Some see it as a crock-of-bull and those espousing it pitiful, sympathy seekers. ”

Into the Bardo: Cave of Forgotten Dreams – “Even more stunning and mysterious to me are the curious red handprints left by one of the early artists announcing a very human presence and the human impulse to make art. Although clearly there were previous artists who left their impressions and commentary on life in charcoal and stone scrapings, these ambiguous red imprints left me wondering about these early artists’ musings about the relationship between the making of art and the sacred.’

Tales of a Shooting Start: The reality of Me – “Yes, depression has become (disturbingly?) common enough of a diagnosis that it seems to get less of a raised eyebrow from others when they find out that you suffer from it. Bipolar disorder, though? Or other disorders, like schizophrenia or suicidal depression? They all still seem to draw untoward attention, along with that look like there is something seriously wrong with you that might be contagious.”

Contemplations: Mental Health Matters – “I like to remind myself and others that the human mind is extremely fragile. The sticks and stones saying isn’t true. Words hurt. Be kind to others, you never know how badly your words might hurt someone.”

Clinical Forensic Psychology : Prison and Correctional Psychologists Needed to meet the Demands of our Incarcerated Populations – “In the last few decades, the number of incarcerated individuals with severe mental illness has increased so significantly that prisons may now be the largest mental health providers in the United States.”

Mental Health For Everyone: Self-compassion and letting go of judging ourselves – “So please, when times are rough, have compassion for yourself, and take note of all of the people who surround that can support you. Whether its a family member, friend, pastor, therapist, or a significant other – anyone (for the most part) can provide support, you simply have to ask for it.”

About.com: Addictions – The Poor Relative of Mental Health: “So unless we start treating people with addiction with the compassion they deserve, every other mental health problem is going to get worse — from depression overshadowing the lives of people with alcohol problems and internet addicts, to teens experimenting with marijuana being triggered into psychosis, to women starving themselves to appear thin, and getting hooked on meth or cocaine or exercise to assist in weight loss, while an alarming number of Americans are overeating to the point of obesity and health problems, sugar-addicted kids becoming violent in adulthood, and shopping and gambling addicts plunge into crippling debt. ”

Psychcentral: Excavating Your Mental health and finding buried treasure – “Dig a little deeper, and you’ll find you’re not in this mental health thing alone. For connections to other people in your life really matter. In our western world, where we like to embrace the ‘cult of individualism,’ it can seem like we’re all making our own solitary way through life – or that we’re all personally responsible for our pain and ‘failures’.”

This is part of 2011 Mental Health Blog Party

Which ones did you like?

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