Couples Therapy


Wondering if couples therapy is right for you and your partner?

Overwhelmed by relationship conflict, poor communication, lack of trust and past hurt? Do you want to improve your overall relationship satisfaction and bond?

Congratulations on having the courage to recognize problems and be proactive! Every relationships goes through tough times. This does not mean you are not compatible anymore or that you have to break up or divorce. You can learn to communicate better, be more patient, loving, intimate and happier. Couples therapy is the safe heaven where you can practice these skills with my guidance, encouragement and support.

  • talk more
  • share feelings openly
  • fight better
  • avoid fights
  • be themselves
  • forgive
  • be open to changing
  • trust more
  • have more fun
  • have more sex
  • be more positive and patient with each other

Emotional and psychological safety is the foundation of every healthy relationship. It is important for both partners to feel like they can be themselves without judgment, rejection or shaming. Couples therapy is a safe heaven for making the changes you both want to make.

I see a lot of couples who love each other very much but lack the relationship skills to navigate differences and conflict. Skill building can transform your relationship from unsafe and filled with conflict to loving and supportive.

Couples can also talk about intimacy and sex in couples therapy. I help partners explore their most private feelings and thoughts about sex and share with each other in a safe and fun atmosphere.

  • are open to learn how they make things worse/better
  • want to be open-minded and non-judgmental with the other
  • can commit to not bailing out
  • want to feel more kindness, love and compassion for themselves and their partner


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