Doing the stress dance

I took a survey today on my current stress level. With a score of 35, I’m at a moderate level which is understandable given the changes in my life and the time of the year (the holidays are always stressful). Of course this has to be the reason why Insomnia has been visiting me every night at bed time and I feel like I was run over by a train (possibly getting sick)
This is my “All stress left behind” campaign:
1. Get rid of all those Thanksgiving leftovers. No more gobbling up.
2. Reduce my caffeine intake and allow my body to wake up naturally
3. Stock up on really yummy and healthy breakfast
4. Take a bubble bath
5. Say a prayer
6. Sing in the car
7. Run to loud and fast techno music
8. Watch the Victoria Secret fashion show
9. Take some E (and calcium and D)
10. Make hydration a priority
11. Finish something (like the two books I started a month ago)
12. Get organized without demanding perfection
13. Do yard work
14. Sit in silence
Wish me luck!

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