Happiness Means Getting to Know Disappointment.

When something bad happens to you “the goal is not to run from it, the goal is to tune in” says Pema Chodron who talks about what to do with negative emotions and why it’s important to sit with them. She says “drop the story and be with the emotion”.

This does not fit into the mainstream self-help cliche “think positive”.

It also does not mean that you have to dwell on negative thoughts. Don’t fight the pain, let yourself feel it, accept it, love it. Don’t judge your fear, face it. Emotions come and go like trains at a busy station. You don’t have to get on them. You can acknowledge them without judgement and let them move on.

Pema Chodron once wrote “Fear is the natural reaction that brings us closer to the truth”

2 thoughts on “Happiness Means Getting to Know Disappointment.

  1. Physically, when our muscles are relaxed and accept impact – we sustain less energy….

    This goes with the thought that no feelings should be suppressed, neither positive nor negative. But we should work *through* the negative and then allow the positivity to be our CBT guides out of the forest, yes?

    But love that the forest defines the fields :)…. [Ooh, I like that! I should write that down! LOL!]

  2. This is very good advice! I have a tendancy to create a ‘storyline’ after any negative experience, and this works me up into a state. What’s funny is that this ‘storyline’ is almost never even close to reality! It’s my thoughts that twist the truth and make a situation worse.

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