Relationship Addiction

So the question is can relationships be addictive? Many of us have known one of those couples who keep breaking up only to then make up, again and again. This can be very confusing to us watching from the side lines. Can you make up your mind already? Didn’t you want to kill that person … Continue reading Relationship Addiction

Lets play games. Part I

If you ever knew someone struggling with addiction you will recognize this interaction immediately. Family members who are not addicted fall in the trap all the time without realizing it. Addicts often play the “the help rejecting complainer” game a.k.a the “why don’t you/ yes, but” game based on Eric Berne’s Games People Play. Let’s … Continue reading Lets play games. Part I

The Online Disinhibition Effect

What causes online disinhibition? What is it about cyberspace that loosens the psychological barriers that block the release of  inner feelings and needs? You Don't Know Me (dissociative anonymity): anonymity works wonders for the disinhibition effect. When people have the opportunity to separate their actions from their real world and identity, they feel less vulnerable … Continue reading The Online Disinhibition Effect

It’s A Matter Of Love And Death

For someone who is addicted to alcohol or drugs, that pill or joint or line of cocaine, that glass of wine, beer is the object of one’s desire. When you’re addicted you LOVE that glass of wine, that glass of wine is your best friend, you miss it when it’s not there, you panic when … Continue reading It’s A Matter Of Love And Death

The Science Of Happiness

If you haven’t read Stumbling on Happiness by Daniel Gilbert, I highly recommend it. Gilbert’s fundamental principle is that we are the only ape who looked forward. Our brains are constantly “nexting” and imagining the future. I knew this. But what I didn’t realize is how faulty this mechanism is. We spend 20% of our … Continue reading The Science Of Happiness