Does Your Goal Feel Like An Uphill Climb?

Goal Achievement A couple of weeks ago my boyfriend and I decided to climb Mt. Mitchell. It sounded like a great idea but we both had no clue what we were getting ourselves into. We started out in great spirits, high energy, prepared and ready to tackle 5.7 miles up 3600 feet elevation climb to … Continue reading Does Your Goal Feel Like An Uphill Climb?

Why You Are Conflicted About Change

Ambivalence: should I stay or should I go, having “cold feet”, sitting on a fence, having a love and hate relationship with someone, wanting to change but also wanting to stay the same. This is also known as Approach-Avoidance: conflicts occur when one goal contains both positive and negative characteristics. That is, an individual fears … Continue reading Why You Are Conflicted About Change

New year, new goals!

It's January 3rd! A good day for change. But January 1st was better. I have always been fascinated by what motivates people to change or even make a commitment to change which sometimes is the hardest step. So here's an interesting concept: The New Year's resolution. "A New Year resolution is a commitment that an … Continue reading New year, new goals!