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Coaching Services Agreement

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Welcome to my coaching practice.

Trust and mutual respect are essential parts of the work we do together. It’s important for you to know the principles and ethics that guide this work. Unless noted otherwise, what follows applies regardless of the type of session or whether it’s a group or individual session.

The agreement below is presented to make sure we have clarity and mutual understanding about these matters.  You should also know I subscribe to the Code of Ethics of the International Coach Federation (ICF).

I invite you to openly discuss any concerns or questions that may arise during our working together. I am happy to explain any aspect of your session or of the information on this page.

I appreciate the opportunity to be part of your growth and business development.

This document represents a business agreement between you as a client and Elvita Kondili DBA The Good Therapy for life coaching services, which may be delivered alone or incorporated into related services mutually agreed upon such as writing, project management, training or a group program, etc.

The services are conducted via phone/online designed jointly with you. There is an initial free 45-minute telephone/video conversation to find out if you feel we are suited to work with each other. The coaching commitment is flexible and can be from a single hour to 3-month retainer.

The fee is $150 an hour for face-to-face or video/phone coaching. Coaching sessions are usually conducted by phone, although local clients may wish to meet face-to-face. I welcome occasional email questions and will provide resources as needed.

I offer two coaching packages:

5 Session Life Coaching Package: $497 –  This includes one-on-one video coaching and email support.

12 Session Life Coaching Package: $997 – Includes biweekly coaching calls and email support between sessions.

At the end of your program I will kindly ask for a testimonial of our work together. If you agree to provide a written statement, it may be featured on my website with only your first name. Results of coaching vary depending on your current situation and how much work you put into the program.

Refunds will not be issued.

Professional Coaching is a thought-provoking and creative process that successful people use to help them pursue their passions and strengths. A coaching relationship is designed based on the client’s interests and goals. Discussion, questions and requests are used to assist the client as he or she reflects, identifies goals, develops strategies to reach them, takes action and adapts to challenges along the way.

A professional coach might brainstorm with you or make observations based on his expertise. While a coach may have expertise in a particular area, the primary focus of a coach is to help the client make her own choices and find what will work best for her.

Research has demonstrated that the relationship-based skillful listening and questions provided by trained coaches through professional coaching leads to reflection and new learning and successful application of the learning in client’s daily lives.

The focus of coaching is development and implementation of strategies to reach client- identified goals of enhanced performance and personal satisfaction. Coaching may address specific personal projects, life balance, job performance and satisfaction, or general conditions in the client’s life, business, or profession. Coaching utilizes personal strategic planning, values clarification, brainstorming, motivational techniques, and other helping techniques.

Policies and Logistics

Payment – The frequency and length of one to one coaching or consulting sessions and their cost will be decided in advance by mutual agreement. Payment is due before scheduling sessions.  If you have any questions about fees please ask them.

Communication and support between sessions – If you have contracted for a package of sessions or for ongoing coaching that includes it, I will be available for communication between sessions for integration, questions and support.  In most cases this will be done via email or online messaging. In some limited situations, email support may be offered for a week or other length of time after a longer, intensive session.

Scheduling– Unless agreed otherwise, it will be the client’s responsibility to schedule sessions in advance using the practitioner’s online calendar.

Cancellation – If you need to reschedule or cancel an appointment please contact me 24 hours in advance. Since the time is held for you, if you miss a session without notice, payment is still expected. True emergencies are the rare exception and will be evaluated on a case by case basis. If on occasion I choose to waive this, it does not mean the policy has changed. If due to emergency, I must cancel a session I will make reasonable efforts to be available for a rescheduled session as soon as possible.

Long-distance telephone charges are the responsibility of the client.  You are usually calling in to a conference call line located in the United States. However, in many cases I can also provide local/regional numbers at no additional charge.

Venue – This agreement will be considered to have been made in and will be interpreted under the laws of the State of North Carolina.

Confidentiality and its limits

Confidentiality and your privacy is a high priority.  You are also expected to respect my privacy and confidentiality.  While you’re free to share what you experienced and learned, please treat as confidential any specific personal or business details that you learn about me.

Part of respecting your confidentiality is to be clear and honest with you about the limits to confidentiality.  This clarity is also an attempt to avoid areas of possible misunderstanding.

Coaching log – as part of an ongoing professional coach credentialing process, I may document client names, contact information and session times in a confidential log.  The log does not include the topics discussed.  Where meetings include consulting, teaching or other services in addition to coaching the amount of time spent coaching will be documented. This log of cumulative coaching hours is periodically submitted to certifying bodies (e.g. International Coach Federation) who also hold it in confidence.  Occasionally these certifying bodies audit the submitted logs, so it is possible although unlikely you may be contacted to verify that a coaching relationship existed.  In this unlikely situation we appreciate your cooperation which enables me to continue professional development.

Groups – for group coaching and classes I make reasonable efforts to ensure that everyone in the group is willing to keep things confidential, but I cannot guarantee the future behavior of group participants.

Teaching situations and case studies – I may mention topics or situations discussed but will be careful not to mention personally identifying details without your permission.

Administrative help – From time to time administrative help may be retained for matters such as data entry, bookkeeping, etc.  In the course of performing such duties these professionals may have access to confidential client data.  Reasonable good faith efforts will be made to ensure that privacy and confidentiality is maintained throughout all such processes and by all such individuals.

Contact methods – I do use various social media websites and have been known to sometimes send physical cards for birthdays or other occasions to those who have provided a mailing address.  If friendly contacts like that from us would bother you, please let me know.

Threats of violence – If you make threats of violence against yourself or others, I am not obligated to intervene or to report this.  However, I reserve the right to do so in my sole discretion. If you make threats of violence against me, yourself or others, you are by so doing giving your consent to me to disclose whatever information about you I deem necessary, in my sole discretion, to protect any person(s) directly or indirectly threatened.

Other risks to confidentiality – You should also be aware there are various risks to your privacy that are out of my control. Among them, email and the phone are not completely secure means of communication.

If, for example, you have concerns about being at risk for domestic violence, or child custody battles, or a dispute with a business partner, this may be an area of concern for you. In such cases you should seek help from legal and privacy experts to help you with that. While your privacy is important to me, you should know that I do not make any promise to fund a court battle in the highly unlikely case a court order required me to disclose information.

By purchasing the Life Coach Program on TheGoodTherapy.com website you indicate that you have read the client information and policy statements in the Coaching Service Agreement and agree to abide by its terms during our professional relationship.

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